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Your Limitations on Instagram account and some tips

Your Limitations on Instagram account and some tips

What are the limitations of Instagram account 2016?

Instagram, like other social networks have limitations when managing and publishing content. I decided to create this post to share with you that there are limitations with this social network, in this way can take into account when managing your accounts or that of your customers.

Character Limitations

We have different places within this social network to share content, then the limitation you have in each of them.
In your profile name can not be longer than 29 characters.
Your biography of Instagram can not be longer than 150 characters.
You have up to 2200 characters for your descriptions and comments.
Comments from 240 characters are cut and left with […]
TIP: Account history in each new content you share, people want to read your experiences and feel your emotions. Information content bored without stories behind.
Limitations on hashtags
You can only use a maximum of 30 hashtags in each content that you share. If you include more, it may be that your comment or published.
You can only tag the content itself, you can not be labeled with the contents of other hashtags.
TIPs #Triunfagram: Avoid putting many hashtags in your content and fail to add the first comment and not all in the description. You can also replace words hashtags to make it more enjoyable.
Limitations of mentions
You can only put a maximum of 20 labels in your content Instagram.
#Triunfagram TIP: Avoid labeling people who do not know, that is considered SPAM and eventually end up removing the label.
Limitations to avoid being a Spammer
  • You have a maximum of 60 follow and unfollow accounts per hour
  • You have a maximum of 60 reviews per hour
  • You have a maximum of 100 like content per hour
  • #Triunfagram 
TIP: Avoid follow and unfollow, like – minded people follow your account and you can interact with in the future so that you have quality followers and no ghosts.
other limitations
You can not post directly to Instagram via external tools because it is prohibited by the social network
External content programming tools as Latergramme / Publish can not take your content to Instagram with the description. This change is a recent social network, descriptions have to put them directly on the social network before giving publish.
What happens when if you do not meet these constraints?
  • Some descriptions and publications can not publish, you look like a mistake, but really is an issue of limitations
  • With the limitations of Spammer you can even close the account, so you should NEVER use these automated applications that I like and leave comments on certain hashtags. Instagram detects and eliminates you ever tells you. When I was writing the book #Triunfagram, I made dozens of tests with beads, and one of these payment tool version “light” Instagram closed the account. Above will not be notified, it is immediate if you do not meet their standards and conditions.
  • There are no immediate magic formulas to get thousands of followers or double your engagement, it is best to grow gradually good content strategy making use of invasive and ineffective techniques, say SPAM techniques.
This data can always consult you in section helps  Instagram or section of developers .

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