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Black Man shot dead by Latino outside Atlanta bar after joking about voting for Donald Trump

A father of 3, Mitchell Mormon Jr, 32, was gunned down outside a bar in Atlanta on Saturday, after making a joke about voting for Trump and deportation, in an argument with a Hispanic/Latino man.

According to reports, Mormon (pictured above) was on a date with Shaunita Walker, 25, who was also shot and suffered injuries to her arm. They met during during an orientation for new employees at his work place and decided to go out on a date together.

The tragic ordeal reportedly unfolded as Shaunita went back into the bar to get her phone when the alleged gunman, who she said is Hispanic, tried to talk to her and said something disrespectful. She said she told Mormon what happened and he went back to confront the suspected shooter. They began arguing and at one point, Mormon jokingly told the man “he voted for President-elect Donald Trump and he would be gone next week".

The two men continued arguing before the suspected shooter left, went around the corner and returned with a gun. He opened fire.
'When I heard the first shot and it went into my arm, I just grabbed my arm and began to scream,' Walker said.  'And then I heard two more shots and I saw Mitchell on the ground. Walker said she tried to comfort Mormon after he was shot, telling him to breathe and that everything was going to be okay.’

Police have since released video footage of two men they are working to identify in connection with the shooting. Mormon's parents also said they have already forgiven their son's killer, they just want closure at this time. He leaves behind his three children, aged three months old, four years old and eight years old.


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