Friday, 18 November 2016

Kim Kardashian's friend Stephanie Sheppard shares never-before-seen images of the star

In a post titled Kim’s Never-Before-Seen Desert Shoot BTS Kim Kardashian's BFF, Stephanie Sheppard shared photos of the reality star on her website Kim Kardashian West and wrote:
'For this photo shoot, I snuck Kim out of her house in my little car at the time and drove to the desert a couple hours away to meet with photographer Kesler Tran. 'We ended up in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Luckily, Kim managed to go undetected and had this incredible photo shoot with Kesler! We were there the entire day.' She added:
'Kim just literally dropped her robe and was completely naked in broad daylight and looked amazing!!!'
She continued:
'I got to paint the white paint all over her body and oil her up which I know is probably a much desired task, LOL,' she joked. 'It was just a really fun shoot, and on the way home we were hungry again so we stopped to get In-N-Out.'
'I'll always remember this day because I really saw how fun and fearless Kim was.'

She also shared a photo of Kim K on vacation in Thailand.

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